To add an event to the College Calendar:

1.  Go to the College’s  CALENDAR ADMIN LOGIN Page.

2. Log in with your PID and PID password (two-factor enabled).

3. Click on “Add New Event” and provide the information requested.

4. Choose Category: "e.g. Human Development" 

5. Add all relevant information such as title, description, location, contact person, etc.

6. If you would like to link to VT Calendar chose the correct VT category (e.g. special event, seminar/conference) or, if you do not want to link, please uncheck before you preview the event or it will not let you preview.  

Note: When you add/edit event in our College Calendar, the very last field is already checked “Also display this event on the VT Event Calendar and assign it to this category."

·         Academic           

·         Administration 

·         Arts       

·         Athletics             

·         Break/Holiday

·         Club      

·         College of Architecture and Urban Studies           

·         Corps

·         Day of Remembrance   

·         Diversity             

·         Entrepreneurship           

·         Movie/Film        

·         Music/Theatre/Dance  

·         National Capital Region

·         Recovery and Support   

·         Research            

·         Seminar/Conference     

·         Service

·         Special Event    

·         VTC

You can tag your event to any of above categories at this time unless the university adds a few more to the list. If you do not want to tag, please uncheck the option before preview.

8.  Preview event.

9.  Save submission.


Verify your posted event here.